Liana’s Dance by Rosanne Hawke

liana's danceRating: 4****

Release Date: August 1st 2017 by Rhiza Press

I received this e-arc copy from Rhiza Press for an honest review, thank you!


Sixteen-year-old Liana Bedford lives in constant fear. Political tensions in Pakistan are rising and terrorist attacks are becoming an everyday norm. As a Pakistani-Australian, she could be the next target. When her school friends are taken hostage by terrorists, Liana’s world disappears overnight. Alongside her new teacher, Mr Kimberley, she must journey through rural Pakistan in a bid to find them and bring them home. But Mr Kimberley has a secret, and to save him and her friends, Liana must overcome her fears. And dance for her life. An unforgettable story about one Pakistani-Australian’s will to survive.

I love the cover, it guide me through the book and I assumed Liana looks as her.

This book was a culture journey into Aussie-Pakistani girls life. As a mixed race and attending international school she has to be aware of the danger that may appear any other day. Her classmates are students from around the world, but to locals they all seem as ‘Americani’, which is very negative and draws great danger that they will be targeted next.

Liana faces attack in town which leaves a scar on her well-being, mental state, she doesn’t know how to explain how she feels, plus she is having these panic attack nightmares that seems so real..
She is a regular teenager with friends and have a secret crush, she knows the culture differences that in Australia would be normal, but in Pakistan – no way! She loves dancing and is happy their new teacher, also Aussie suggests to have a new project that will involve dancing..

Then the attack takes place and all the students are evacuated and this is where the plan goes off. This is where Liana’s shows courage to fight for those she loves and surprisingly it brings more joy at this situation than one may assume.

This was interesting, at time predictable, at times not at all, read. Still I found it missed something to fully get my emotions involved.

Do you read books that involves the setting out from your comfort zone? Do you read books that are written by foreigners (and thus translated), either the plot is set in another country? Do you know any book that may involve Mid-East location and would suggest for me to read?


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