Secret Places: Adventures in Ink and Imagination by NOT A BOOK

SecretPlacesRating: 4****

Published: 2015 by Flame Tree Publishing

I purchased this coloring book last year and so far I have enjoyed this. It’s a real patience tester, as most of the pages are with very tiny lines and each of the coloring page takes TIME to color. The paper looks like recycled soft beige, but don’t underestimate the quality of it! It holds the fiber pens, sharp pencils and nothing can be seen on the other side of the page. I am going to include the photos from the pages. I am nearly up to give all five stars if it wouldn’t be sometimes so difficult and time-consuming. I used all the pencils I have from various companies, including: Astra, Pentel, Maped, Milan, Erich Krause, Faber Castel, Crayola, Go Create -Tesco, Penmate.


I have not seen many reviews on this one, although it has been sold out in the store I bought it from, there are more varieties  in the coloring series. I also purchased one for my German pen pal at the time. I am still in the process of coloring the pages as I am not rushing to finish them. But it’s great to take rounds from time to time from one color book to the next one.

What’s your last coloring book you have enjoyed?



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