July Book Wrap Up

Hello Readers on Saturday!

It’s the first week of August and I shall write the conclusion of the books I read in July. I am quite happy with my July read statistics, read 15 books, including Arc’s  for children story books, YA romance and my coloring books- which yes, I think I could downsize the amount of read book pages as these will count on my Goodreads account statistics 🙂 yipii! These are all the books I read:


  • The Children Arc’s:
  1. Engineered! (Release in September, but I am publishing my review in August

4. Birthdays Around the World ( Release in September and I am publishing my review together with Engineered!);

  • YA Arc:

6. Unspoken Rules by Lora Inak (Release in September, together with my review).

2. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan , Maureen Johnson , Robin Wasserman;

3. Ascendant (Ascendant Trilogy #1) by Rebecca Taylor;

5. Liana’s Dance by Rosanne Hawke;

7. Save the Date by Heather C. Myers; This is romance genre, but I did not enjoy it at all, well, that’s just me, maybe you will like it. There are many 4 and 5 * ratings!

8. Fantastyczne Konstrukcje by Steve McDonald;

9. I Found You by Lisa Jewell;  This is Lisa Jewell – promising fiction, crime, this was another high hopes because of the writer’s name and what it might stand for – I didn’t like the language style so much, characters were flat. But then again, others have given high rated reviews.

10. Secret Places: Adventures in Ink and Imagination by NOT A BOOK;

11. Indonesian Paradise wonderful Indonesia and coloring book by Fahmi Fauzi (Illustrator), Anang Musa (Illustrator), Luthfi Hinelo (Illustrator);

12. The Italian Girl by Lucinda Riley;

13. The Last Train Home by Megan Nugen Isbell;

14. A Curious Beginning (Veronica Speedwell #1) by Deanna Raybourn;

15. The Angel Tree by Lucinda Riley;

So, during July I read, excluding the color books, I read only 5 books from library! I though there are more, really surprised that only 5. But I have been ordering quite many for my August read. 3 from my Kindle – those books have been there for way too long and my aim in general this year is to get it read + the books given for review – and yes, there are some(more than some, let’s be honest) I still have not read. I received 4 Arc’s, one was published this month and the others are going to be on August and September.

Thank you for reading and how successful were you with your reading list?





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