August TBR & Library Book Haul

Hello Everyone!

I am about to present my August massive To-Be-Read book list. I am beaming happy at the moment, finally picked up the last order from library, which means am able to take photo of the paperbacks I plan to read. Plus, listening to this song that has 3 different versions  and I love it ( since yesterday ^^ and it influenced my return for listening to Korean bang BIG BANG after a year or so. I used to listen to Korean music a lot in the past, but well, this is my current favorite by The Lowkies and Moon Hyuna-> current favorite song

Last week I got most of them and then on Monday this week additional ones and today the last ones. There are still few more, but I still have to wait for them to be available, for some I am the no. one in the line for others I am number eight!

Honestly, I have no idea how I am going to read these all plus e-books from Kindle and yesterday in some madness, let’s call it this way, I request some more ARC’s. My goal this year in general is to, for Kindle, books in the past few months is to go through all of them, and reduce the books there.

wp-image-2039730763I have already read some of these and currently reading. I must return by Monday couple of books and I can say, the past Bank Holiday was absolutely brilliant, as we did not travel for any small day-trip in the area region. I think I like all the Bank Holidays through the year better than those for Christmas, because last Christmas I felt so huge pressure on to actually spend the festive days out there, in the stores buy and buy or go out on 26th of Dec but these Bank Holidays there are no any pressure and honestly, lovely warm 😀 But then again, this is August, the last month of summer and the only chance I can actually read a book outdoors in the park, sitting in grass and the ground is dry, which is so rare here. Fingers crossed I will make through these paperbacks:

  1. The Burning #1 by Jane Casey (Was given arc of her last book at the time and thus, now I want to read the series in the right order.);
  2. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (I haven’t read anything by the author myself, but my husband has, so I want to start with this one…)
  3. Bellman Black by Diane Setterfield (Years back I read her other novel The Thirteenth Tale, which is still my favorite.);
  4. The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull;
  5. The Hundred lies of Lizzie Lovett by  Chelsea Sedoti;
  6. The Winner’s Curse #1 by  Marie Rutkoski (Finally decide to give a try to the series!);
  7. Ink #1 by Amanda Sun;
  8. A Perilous Undertaking #2 by Deanna Raybourn;
  9. The Scent of Almonds and other stories by Camilla Lackberg;

The e-books via Kindle + eReader I plan to read and already have on August, these all are pretty short, approx. 2-3h quick read ( romance and fantasy):

  1. 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You by Viki Grant (arc);
  2. Fire in Frost #1 by Alicia Rades;
  3. Hired Bride by Noelle Adams;
  4. The Trouble with flying by Rochelle Morgan;
  5. All In by Yesenia Vargas (arc, have not yet read);
  6. Soulmate #1 by Kellie McAllen;
  7. Pieces #1 by Rachel Medhurst;
  8. Runes #1 by Ednah Walters;
  9. Pyramids and Promises #2 by Kimberly Loth;
  10. When in Rome Loose Control by Lena Mae Hill (arc, still have not read);

The lists are pretty insane, taking in account it is  10/08 today! Well, there’s always option to extend my library loan and read some of the books from both lists next month 😀 I might change few, but setting TBR post kind of makes me more likely to stick with the list!

Have you read any of these books? What was your opinion and would you want to read any? Until my month wrap up, see you all on my updates and book review posts! Tomorrow is Friday! Hope you are in a position of having free weekends, if not, maybe today is your off day?



3 thoughts on “August TBR & Library Book Haul

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    • Thank you for your thoughts, haven’t started those two yet 😉 yes, the cover is lovely! My librarian could not find it for a while among the rest of other orders they have on the shelves until I told the spine is yellow and white 😀

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