I’m Ilonita, I am 32 and I love reading, writing reviews on Goodreads and LibraryThing as much as I love sewing quilts and buy stationery to write to my pen pals. This blog is about my hobbies and notes from my trips.

I enjoy having planned trips  and include as many sightseeing as possible, travelling by local transport and finding less crowded, less touristic places of the cities, choosing to go to local grocery stores ( it’s like having a new trip through the shelves full of new items I have not tasted before) and bakeries, small coffee shops and open markets.

   So my blog is about my own thoughts, trips and experience, it’s going to be based on my perspective. You are welcome to write a comment  what you think about, ask questions, share.

    I am not ok if you want to use my photos, reviews, anything I am going to and have written about/ add my photo, please ask me before if you want to use the content, my words.

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