I categorize my books where the author is from, as well which country the story took me, and some genre shelving, +…. I have always written in the register how many books I read (and I love the statistics) and all the publishing information(year, publisher) as well as my own thoughts about the books. Its easier with Goodreads and LibraryThing now.

In the past 15 years I have read a minimum of 50 books a year. It’s not a lot. In the last 4 years I have successfully read and reviewed at least 75 +, which is something I am happy about. Every year I want to read one book more.

I enjoy reading prose, fiction, detectives, contemporary, non fiction, YA, fantasy, romance, biographies, thriller. Sometimes poems and middle grade, kids books.

Last year (2016) I challenge myself reading more romance, this year (2017) I want to read as many books as possible from my TBR list. I want to discover books from different regions, this is my ongoing wish, and new writers. Nearly half of my TBR is consisting of absolutely new authors and the other half belongs to *series started before, *authors I am familiar with and prefer to read more books and see how will I find them.

I have studied  and have a BA in History of English/American Literature, History of Ancient Literature, History of Culture, and History of English Language as well as Philosophy, Social Psychology and Intercultural Communications. Business and Project Management.

My review policy since 2010:

5***** = my favourite, the book was fantastic and I am going to re-read it in the future, I want to talk about it and I am sad I have finished the story.

4**** = it was wonderful and it’s something to talk about.

3*** = it was good, interesting but I can’t give more.

2** = it was ok.

1* = I didn’t like the story, it was difficult to finish, I was dragging the book.