I decide to add notes section where to share and write the posts about different topics – stationery and my trips.

Yes, as much as I love fabrics, paper and stationery is something I used to collect(not anymore). I have been pen paling since I was nearly 16. I am in touch with some of my first pen pals and I have also met them/ more than once or they have visited me. My pen pals are my friends and as I have recently mentioned in pen palling groups online – it’s not about the packaging or gifts, it’s about the content – the friendship, the conversation you keep in your letters. There will be many to go in between, as not with everyone you are about to talk freely. Anyway, getting to the point – I enjoy taking detail oriented photos and sometimes there are some which I would prefer to take a photo of. Or you know when you have colored a coloring book or there are beautiful stickers, “favorite pencils and pens” in your possession’s.

Travelling is hobby, I enjoy going on my own as well as with my husband, family and friends. Before I travel abroad I prefer to pack my luggage weeks before…yes, I like to have my “to-do lists” in general. I enjoy having planned trips  and squeeze as many activities as possible, travelling by local transport and finding less crowded, less touristic places of the cities, choosing to go to local grocery stores ( it’s like having a new trip through the shelves full of new items I have not tasted before) and bakeries, small coffee shops and open markets. I love flying and travelling around the globe, 11 years ago I set the goal of having 100 flights in 10 years time. I didn’t reach it but I’m close 😀 I truly enjoy the big Boeing flights, smaller ones are ok too.