Confessions of a Learner Parent by Sam Avery

LearnerParentRating: 3***

Published: October 5th 2017 by Seven Dials


Stand-up comedian Sam Avery (aka the Learner Parent) started his award-winning blog when his twin boys were born. A million nappies, Peppa Pig episodes and a lot less sleep later, he shares all the lows, highs and hilarious in-betweens of his experiences of first-time parenthood in this, his highly anticipated first book.

Sam’s honest, messy and laugh-out-loud account of trying for a baby (which transpired to be babIES) and figuring out what to do with them once they arrived – right up to the toddler years of talking, walking and tantrum-ing – will have you crying with laughter between your own nappy changes and nursery runs.

I received an e-arc copy from Orion Publishing for an honest review, thank you!

Confessions of a Learner Parent is an autobiography of author’s own experience with being a dad. I found the book light and interesting, I believe the author has managed to expose the experience from being non-parent to being a parent – the complete life change and when you are first time parent to two in one go as true to the fact as life is then from his perspective. As a non-parent yet myself, I was glad the way it was told, it was a fast read, a humor here and there from author’s perspective.
Maybe I disagreed at some points about childcare/ lifestyle model, but that definitely wasn’t anything that would stand in a way of parenting or my judgement about the whole book.

The Confessions of a Learner Parent tells you a journey and let’s you understand there’s no right or wrong way – each of us has our own ways of understanding and having family models we want to live according to. The reader also learns to smile for ordinary situations if we look at each from side perspective, but most of all – as a new parent one goes through a journey that time flies. As a new parent you learn to completely go zero of “your time”, but the moments when your baby smiles is precious, it also tells the audience – don’t be fools and don’t go for babies if your relationship is rocking, baby won’t save it!


October Plan + TBR



October first week is here and it’s time to set the goals for this month. I will admit, I set the wish list already two weeks in mind, dreaming about my October read, it’s not that I was not happy about the September read, but I was looking which books would be crossed off and so sort of set the approx goals till the end of the year…I am sure you have done same before/now… I want to read quite big amount of books – ebooks, library books and arc’s. I have seen the topics set for October reads and including all the spooky, spooky books, which is nice, but as I don’t really have a real likeness to Halloween’s apart from cute stickers, and although we decorate our apartment and kids 3923216337_29f7e1df82_zcome to ask for sweets, the real kind of Halloween feeling I don’t have, don’t have that *celebration* thing.. I like to see some of the qualitative decorations and innovative/interesting costumes, but I really question – the stores for bringing in the same kind of outfits from one year to another, maybe different colors but that’s all the same, esp for kids – skeleton, a pumpkin, a witch and a dead guy… -??? I am honestly into Diwali – Diipawali more than Halloweens, ever since and even before 10 years ago when I traveled to Singapore first ( I have traveled afterwords too). So this Fall I am reading Mehndi and gather some inspirations for drawings, Diwali will start in less than 20 days now.

My associations for September and October is fallen colorful leaves, loads of them, the leave, fallen apple and potato 3923213007_6ba5798fda_zgathering sessions and warm soups; warm jumpers (no wearing pajamas!), heating on, rainfalls and cloudy sky for the next few months and reading  but that’s pretty much all year through 😀

My October read will include Christmas sweet novels, I don’t know, but I feel I already want to read them. This year I am behind my gift schedule list, usually by now I have everything ready and setting dates when to ship it away. So, let’s get to the interesting part, BOOKS! Would like to know if you are reading some of these, have read and maybe consider? And perhaps November will be more spooky mystery because month of the dead is there. Oh, sometimes I wish my grandma was alive and I could show her all the gadgets and who am I.


These are links to the Goodreads descriptions:


I don’t think I am reading “Runes” book, which you can see on above photo.

Plus my library loans:


  • The Girl in the Spiders Web – currently reading since September, and had to bring it back, to be borrowed again after some time to finish reading. Honestly, it’s not easy to jump back into the story I read 7 years ago, maybe if I read 3 books a year, but not with the amounts I am dealing 😀
  • The Bodyguard #1 – Leena Lehtolainen – another crime series by the Finnish author I have intend to read for the past months, and I finally got the copies.
  • Her Enemy #2 Maria Kallio Series – Leena Lehtolainen – crime fiction of Maria Kallio Series, also the series, I received #8 in arc. So I am about to read two different series by the same author.
  • The Reckoning Maeve Kerrigan series #2 – Jane Casey, a crime fiction by Irish writer, have read the first and the last one.
  • The Winner’s Crime #2 – Marie Rutkowski  Ya, continuing the series, I read the synopsis after finishing the first book to the rest of trilogy books and that’s a spoiler this book will be miserable and painful read, tell me I am wrong! I think I am the very last to be reading this one.
  • And finally, Lord Of Shadows #2 – Cassandra Clare , I know, I said I am done with the series and I am not going to read anymore, and here I am – got the library loan, the other day I still was at place 4 and the next day my book was there for me, I think my local library bought the copy and I jumped from 4th place to 1st on the list. So I am going to read this one and if I will finish, it will be the book by the same author, with the highest page amount as last year, uhgrh, I really wanted it to be some other writer’s book 😀

That’s all, I plan to finish some of the sewing projects I am working on and continue to color some books. Thanks for reading and let’s get going by our reading aims 😀 Enjoy your FALL!

Dunree Head

Hello Everyone!

Today I choose to write and post some photos from the short trip we made some time ago. We went to Dunree Head just to be out of the home and see/ discover a new place, but that’s pretty much a description to every trip I do 😀 I have placed a map of Ireland in out Kitchen/ Entrance wall and marking off points where we have been. Sometimes out trips, although I wish for whole day ones, take only few hours, depending on the schedule we have set. But it’s great, because these little trips lets to CROSS some more points OFF from the map ^^  what is THE GOAL.

We went to Dunree Head without any research as out main reason was to travel as far as Buncrana town is and see what it is about, the coast beach. It was a clear sky day with wind and down at the beach it was actually very windy, too cold for me to imagine sit down and read a book or just write as I used to do, search seashells or pebbles.


Buncrana felt as a village, by means not a town, we stopped there for a lunch on the way back and people just literary stare at you the whole time while you eat which I actually found funny and made up some jokes.

Then we drove forwards to Dunree Head, I had no idea, well, my bad for not researching before we left the home, that there is a Military Museum, which was a nice surprise and we could, thanks to the weather, take a walk around. Dunree Head is located in North West of Ireland,  Inishowen Peninsula area. It is also covering The Wild Atlantic Way, which is an attraction (you might just google that and would find loads of information).

Dunree Head00That whole area is very close to the Northern Ireland (UK) and border city Derry – Londonderry, where we often travel for shopping as simply the price and the variety of stock wins me, the consumer to choose to do my shopping there, esp. for stationery.

We found this “WEE Tiny Library” for take one and place one, but I had no book with me to donate, if I had only known about it! 😉

We did went to the climb up to the hill and got the excellent view!















There’s also a small coffee shop that has local artists paintings and you can buy magnets and key chains as a souvenir, which was great for me to sent to my pen pals and keep one for our magnet wall 🙂

I would say it takes approx an hour and half to spend there..depends on your interest in military artillery.

“The Dunree Lighthouse is approx 50m above the water and was built in 1876 with the light at ground level. Dunree Fort was built by the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars and was of strategic importance guarding the entrance to Lough Swilly.” More Information

*Keep in mind, the roads are very narrow, and cars do speed up, which always stresses me when the front car comes up or one behind.

Thanks for reading!

September Wrap Up

Fall1Hello Readers in Fall Season!

As an official 1st October Day, I can say my September reading rate was low, I managed to read 8 books and colored one = 9  My reading goal was: September TBR

Our apartment got finally painted, which means for whole week it was sort of hanging in the air, although the paint was done quick, although,it’s again the boring cream color walls that I find so unpractical and boring.  My best choice would be either wallpaper or different colors in each room, but yeah, this is not our apartment so I have to remind myself: “wait, wait, wait”. We chose to go through our belongings and sort it all out – wanted and unwanted, aka broken things – either can be fixed or out, and we also changed the furniture layout a little bit, I moved my desk in the closet room, which we use for drying clothes and keeping our luggage. It’s small room with one ceiling window, but I knew I need some dislocation when sitting at the desk, hopefully I will be fine, through the room has an issue with heating during winter time, then I will most probably have to move back. But yet, in Fall, it’s perfect for early mornings and late evenings.

Back to the Book topic, yeah, because of that, I was far away from writing posts on books and travels, sewing altough I did both, actually have in the past months. We went on few hour trip to Dunree Head in North West of Ireland just for a walk and there was this “Wee Book Library” – take one and place one! First time I see the idea working here – like a bird house with glass window, very nice, but I had no book to leave and nothing to take out. Will write a post about it. Also I found coloring excellent in the late work evenings when my brain just wasn’t into reading, taking or watching book reviews.

The books I read during September:


I have written reviews to most, but two of them I left unfinished, as I was wasting my time on books that makes no sense and I get annoyed by the language style, by irritating characters, sorry, I tried “Soulmate” #1 by Kellie Mc Allen and “Pisces” #1 by Rachel Medhurst….I just gave up…there are great reviews on these two, and good here I say, perhaps, you don’t need to listen to my rates and give a try, so I would be interested to know if you enjoyed or not 🙂

I am happy I found three 5* rating books:

Thanks for reading!

The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull

22047952_10214578647925671_5050841868854575273_oRating: 5*****

Published: May 4th 2017 by Hodder & Stoughton


In Edwardian England, aeroplanes are a new, magical invention, while female pilots are rare indeed.
When shy Della Dobbs meets her mother’s aunt, her life changes forever. Great Auntie Betty has come home from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, across whose windswept dunes the Wright Brothers tested their historic flying machines. Della develops a burning ambition to fly and Betty is determined to help her.
But the Great War is coming and it threatens to destroy everything – and everyone – Della loves.

The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull kept me awake till 3am last night. The book was amazing and heartwarming, the one you don’t want to finish and yet clung to each page wanting to know what happens next, where the characters may take me, a reader. It’s also inspiring and some amount of heartache. Brilliant storytelling!

It is a book which makes you realize the quality time author has set down to write it, the research involved and how smooth the story moves, how easily I have become wrapped around the characters.

I took the book to read without knowing much about it, apart from quickly reading the synopsis, and thus it was a great journey, full of discovery and coziness. The book is a historical fiction about time before, during and after World War I and aspects of woman to take initiative and aspiration to fight for what she believes as her “thing to do” in life, which is flying and being a first pilot woman in England, the country which is still dominated by men world. It also gives amazing detailed and absolutely believable sense you are reading real individual’s thoughts on learning to fly, the mechanic side of planes (but don’t say in your mind right now, the book is not for you then, because you are completely not interested in that…), because in the book is doesn’t sound boring or these details unnecessary additions, it’s within the story and it’s presented so interesting! At the moment I am really thinking of all the people I know whom to suggest to read this and who would like it.

Della Dobbs starts to take an interest in planes when she is together with her aunt Betty, she is her best friend and inspire her to aim for her dreams and make them real. Her home life is sort of boring and sad, being a third child to her parents and the eldest one at home at the moment and taking care of her two other younger siblings, makes her feel she will never be anything. Because her father won’t approve it, anything else rather than staying at home and helping the family when needed, but Della dreams higher and although she has never spoken much – planes is the topic she wants to discover and she does with aunt Betty’s help and her own will. This book is not just simple great and easy story of how a woman finds her place in men world, especially when it comes for air space. The main character does not reach it all easily, it opens up real human behavior and side of characteristics. I found that the book excellently handles topics such as family stigma, absent fatherhood, love, relationships, friendships, working on ones aims and learning from mistakes, World War One and everything what one may involve – the traumas and aspects, the planes and machinery.



Acne, Asthma, And Other Signs You Might Be Half Dragon by Rena Rocford

acne_HalfDragonRating: 2**

Published: 2015 by Curiosity Quills Press/ e-book edition

I love the cover! So, so beautiful!

***Small spoiler, not much, than you would find on the book synopsis***

This e-book was sitting on my TBR shelf on my e-reader for more than a year, it’s a fast read and by all means I would have loved to give all the initial thoughts of the book, but by reaching 30% of the book the plot from so much of uniqueness and individuality and potential just went straight to a regular High School novel, which was ok, nothing outstanding, that’s for me, maybe not for you and you will enjoy…

The plot takes a reader to know more about secretive societies of trolls, unicorns, shape shifting dragons and gryphons, so to say a very weird combination knowing Trolls come from Scandinavian literature and unicorns – so to say a paranormal topic. Main character Allyson, is a regular 14-year-old teenager turning to be 15, who has always had an issue with asthma and some acne which recently seems to have gotten worse and no make-up helps to cover it. She has a close friend Beth and her life for a day seems like a normal one and brings hopes of staying to live there till the end of the High School, because she and her mum moves a lot, and I mean A LOT. She lives only with her mum and have never met her dad, but her aunt from dad’s side often gives all these weird gifts, but her mum does not get along with her, so there’s never a chance to actually ask about dad….who he is and is he alive..what’s the story…

One day at the mall together with Beth turns the world upside down when some creepy guys try to kidnap them both. Allyson has gone to self-defense class and knows what to do but still the whole situation leaves a mark and she ends up vomiting – no actually, splitting the fire, a real fire out of her mouth. Her friend says she is a half-dragon!

The book took me for a road trip, for fight actions and war between sides, it also draw a closer discovery who her dad is and her condition.

Well, the “recent” hype with unicorns just made it for me less bearable, kind of annoying as at times I lost sense of the idea. I also had issues with suddenly finding the whole society being “not normal, human citizens” – to have trusty moment – how one could live and not been suspected on abnormalities around and laws by the Government!


Das Kreative Malbuch für Erwachsene 2

coloring2Rating: 5*****

Published: 2015 by Media Verlagsgesellschaft

I received this coloring book by my German pen pal, thank you!

Hi Everyone!

This is a coloring book that I enjoyed a lot in the past week, coloring late in the night and waiting for Gray’s Anatomy (wiiii, it’s nearly here and I can watch it tonight!) show to start…hehehe!

I enjoyed that the pictures were mirror versions:

There were enough space to actually color and the drawings include variety of ornaments and flowers:

The paper quality was great for coloring with fiber markers, pencils and crayons.

What do you do with finished coloring books? I am thinking I could make my own envelopes but I still have many left over envelopes from other finished stationery sets, so it might take couple of months before I actually make envelopes… What are other options? Keep them just on the shelf and look through once in a while?