Book Love by Debbie Tung

booklove7Rating: 4****

Published: January 1st 2019 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

I received the e-arc for an honest review, thank you!

Book Love is a short version of you and me every day living through the situations via book person’s perspective, we surround our live around the books and books and so – the graphics are greyish black and white, the plot makes one laugh recognizing and relating, the same exact situation you have been through either in a bookstore or library – spotting the new arrival book section, spending all day reading and feeling great, and so many more. We have seen the quotation with book reader’s situations and this short book is something very similar – except these are original illustrations.

I enjoyed how each page tells one story and “problem” in a bookish person’s life. This is a funny and fast read.

Hidden Heartbreak by Emma Lee

hiddenheartbreak3Rating: 2**

Published: January 8th 2019 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

I received this e-arc for an honest review, thank you!

Have you been through a heartbreak? Dramatic or less dramatic.. how have you felt? How have you find the way through the emotions, any of kind? Hidden Heartbreak is a graphic novel, it has captured emotions one is going through a break-up, the illustrations are stylish and modern sketches, it is not depressive at all, it’s a good read and interesting, as graphics gives the visual impression what the author wants to create for the plot. It’s funny at times, it is also touching sides of having a different relationship – when a relationship can be toxic. The Hidden Heartbreak brings the reader through the whole relationship process, from its start till it’s over and the leftovers.

Here are some of the graphics:



Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval

watersnakescoverRating: 3***

Published: November 20th 2018 by Lion Forge Comics

Synopsis: Mila is a solitary teenager ready to put another boring summer vacation behind her until she meets Agnes, an adventurous girl who turns out to be a ghost. And not just a regular ghost, but one carrying the essence of an ancient fallen king and a mouth full of teeth that used to be his guardian warriors.

I received this e-Arc copy for an honest review, thank you!

This is an epic strange/ unique Gothic fantasy short story. The illustrations are brilliant, something I have never seen before, and with a pretty “normal” ones they become closer and closer to horror illustrations. The comic book is for adults, not for children, as I think one of the little one may have horror dreams.. plus same-sex graphic kissing scenes, but I have enclosed few photos of the nice looking illustrations.

The plot makes a reader return back to the very start and read again, it was interesting and at the same very dark, masterly hidden dark graphic novel. The plot involves ghosts, foxes, two similar age school girls and a brother. The story tells of an unfortunate happening when one has been eaten by a demonic figure and has overtaken the little girl. Her family suffers till then, and her parents has never gotten over the fact their daughter disappeared, which is normal… the climax of the story is to kill the evil through the battle… and face the outcome…

The Kill (Maeve Kerrigan #5) by Jane Casey

thekillReview: 4.5 ****

Published: June 5th 2014 by Ebury Press

Synopsis: When a police officer is found shot dead in his car, DC Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent take on the investigation. But nothing about the case prepares them for what happens next: a second policeman dies . . . and then another . . .
The Metropolitan Police struggle to carry out their usual duties, but no one knows where or how this cop killer will strike again. While London disintegrates into lawlessness Maeve’s world starts to fall apart too. For if the police can’t keep themselves safe, how can they protect anyone else?

This is a very good and intense crime fiction. I enjoy J.Casey’s writing and both of the main character’s, their friendship/partnership as colleagues and they become used to each other’s sharp personalities.

The particular book five in the series, if in case you have not read any of the book in Maeve Kerrigan series, I highly suggest not to jump and read this one, but start with the very first one. I did read the very last book for Arc last to last year when I discovered the writer, and thus I have been slowly catching up from the very first book till now up to finishing the series as how far they have been written to. Each book releases a little more and more and I am so much looking for the next one #8 now. I read #5 & #6 in one weeks time – be ready to read all day!

The Kill brings the story to an exceptional situation the whole police is facing, there has been a shooting where many officers are shot dead, there are ongoing serial killings that take place and Maeve’s boyfriend is nearly killed at the scene. Police cannot track the next new possible assault to another police officer and there again Maeve face her attacker from previous the story continues…, Maeve and Derwent – brilliant read, their collaboration, we also read more about Maeve’s personal life crisis and Rob’s attitude, which surprised me so much! No Spoilers here, J. Casey surprised me unexpectedly, of all the people, but Rob, the down to earth, patient guy Maeve is dating.. wow!

The plot takes reader’s to an area which is in social welfare eye and police often goes on rounds, so, they aren’t welcome in the area. Society who live there are with various backgrounds and to find a guilty side who stands behind the assault to police officers isn’t an easy job, esp, when nobody seems to be willing to share anything…

Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed

lovehateandothermattersReview: 5*****

Published: January 16th 2018 by Hot Key Books

Synopsis: Maya Aziz dreams about kissing boys and going to film school in New York, but miles away, an unknown danger looms. A terrorist attack in another city unleashes fear and hate in Maya’s small town, changing her life and disrupting her future.

I love the cover and absolutely enjoyed the story that captures perfect atmosphere of mixed cultures and young generation clashing with older one. It’s quite often found in families where parents have one expectations of their child’s supposed life’s direction and missing the point that the child has interests of their own or they are ready for the career choices, which, sadly parents don’t accept because in their eyes the profession isn’t highly paid or rated among the society…

This book also touch racism and hate issues from community, ones which often people face if they look mixed race, if they are more tanned or lighter than the majority of population, and it happens to Maya and her family. She is facing extreme hate, and face a situation which is beyond her or her family’s control… What I loved about the whole plot was that it surprissed me till the end of the book by unexpected turns!

Same happens in Love, Hate & Other Filters where Maya loves taking photos and video’s, where’s her parents would have absolute opposite views of what she will be studying and what is “a good choice” to study… and having an obedient Indian daughter close to them, finding a suitable marriage candidate… Do you sense a drama there? Yes, there’s a huge one and then there is a love story too and  the community… This is a contemporary Ya romance, which gives the moral of – go for what you believe in, don’t let yourself to be stopped, even if it means pursuing the career goals you desire, but not the rest of your family. Become strong through the heartache, drama and keep it calm, don’t let the racism hate get through your skin.

Hello 2019!

Hi, Reader!

Hello in New Year and I’m excited to type up a post here!  I’m sure you have somewhat idea what you want to read this year, what books you can’t wait to be released in sequence series and what surprises you might find in the upcoming months in book sales.

It’s been a while since I wrote the last post, since I reviewed a book and it was a while when I read one. 2018 marked few huge changes in my life spin, and without any announcement I disappeared from reviewing for months, precisely 4 months! That did a chunk bite off the reading goal for 2018 ^^ My statistics for 2018 is 33 books! The smallest number I have ever read!! But I am glad I could prioritize and focus on something that was very important in my career, although I missed reading a lot, the time flew and now I am – I am back into reading and have started the year quite promising. Have read 2 interesting books in crime genre, also ya and graphic novels, and hey, it’s only 8th January 😀 looking forward to write the reviews, I have missed reading and writing reviews so much! I plan to read at least 57 this year, hopefully close to 100, I am optimistic!

In December I went to Luxembourg for the very first time and spent there 2,5 days. I may had not the best weather to visit this small, yet the country that resides in the very heart of Europe and is a business hub, I enjoyed the trip a lot. Met one of my dear friends and visit 3 Chritmas markets that took the place in the city at the time. Luxembourg has everything, from beautiful architecture to great transportation system in the city. A post will follow as I am returning there again in January to discover it a little bit more.


Recently I discovered and I have read 1/2 of short stories “My Hometown Named Love” by Markus Ahonen, a Finnish writer, these are short love stories from a man’s perspective, the writing is smooth and brilliant storytelling with surprising ending! Review to come. Highly suggest already. Bough via Amazon. He writes crime fiction and there is another series that are currently translated into English/audio books.

a curseso dark&lonely

I have been excited to be among one of the ARC readers for “A Curse so Dark and Lonely” by Brigid Kemmerer, her book will be Published at the end of January and March – depending on the location where do you live. I like her writing and been happy to read her previous books! This one is one of my most anticipated releases in 2019!

During my Christmas shopping I bought 2 books: Robert Galbraith, #4 “Lethal White” and Carlos Ruiz Zafon #3 “The Labyrinth of the Spirits”. Whohow, two chunky reads. I am eying another book by Lucinda Riley, the last book in her Seven Sister’s series, as that’s the only book series I like written by her. I found the book in the library, so far my que is 124 ^^ let’s see how fast it will become available or maybe I will buy it…

This year as well as in the past years – I plan to read majority of hard copies from the library service, the ARC’s and the books I have bought from The Crime Fiction “Murder One”, which took place in Dublin, last October and the books that are on my Kindle for a very long time 🙂 Sounds pretty busy year ^^

Tell me what do you plan to read this month and year! Looking for suggestions and I am pretty open to discover something new! Let’s get back into reading people!


SETO UTSUMI #1 by Kadzuya Konomoto

frontRating: 3***

Published: Akita Publishing Co.,Ltd, Kindle Edition

Synopsis: “I wish we could just spend all our high school days sittin’ and chattin’ by this river.” This seven chapter volume is a collection of the funky, off-the-wall, and sometimes cynical after-school conversations between Seto and Utsumi, two high-schoolers from the Kansai region of Japan.

I received the e-arc book for an honest review, thank you!

The Seto Utsumi has been made into TV series in Japan, that tells something about the plot. The graphic novel has its charm, representing pure boyish talk, friendship, when nothing particular special is going on, just random conversations and situations involving each others family and school problems, dreams to finally graduate and be someone…like many other students at the age.


I found to like the graphics, facial expressions were illustrated just as watching a movie in black and white. I enjoyed the scenes with sudden rain and background illustrations. The book, however, is not for everyone, especially, I think the audience in Europe and outside Japanese/Asian community have a different expectations from a general book and a graphic novel. Rating Seto Utsumi as manga/graphic novel set in Japan and knowing the culture it represents – I think it’s a nice read, very general episodes of “nothing special” going on in a teenage life, which not always are easy to represent. Very fast read. The book at the times felt repetitive, but nothing too much.


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